Magic skills are sometimes gained after fighting level bosses. There is three types of base magics, Lightning, Fire, Ice. These three bases can be mixed into new magics. Here is a table of how to get the hybrid magics. 

Lightning Ice Fire Poison Explode Gem Chaos
Lightning Lightning Poison Explode Chaos Chaos Chaos Lightning
Ice Poison Ice Gem Chaos Chaos Chaos Poison
Fire Explode Gem Fire Chaos Chaos Chaos Explode
Poison Chaos Chaos Chaos
Explode Chaos Chaos Chaos
Gem Chaos Chaos Chaos
Chaos Lightning Ice Fire

Set Bonuses

Strong Armor

The Strong Armor set bonus is gained by wearing a blue helmet, a blue armor and a pair of blue boots.

  • +25 xDefend
  • +200 Life

Quick Armor

The Quick Armor set bonus is gained by wearing a grey helmet, a grey armor and a pair of grey boots.

  • 25 xCrit
  • 64 RunSpeed

Battle Mage

The Battle Mage set bonus is gained by wearing a purple helmet, a purple armor and a pair of purple boots.

  • +25 xProc
  • +100 Magic Damage

Gold Knight

The Gold Knight set bonus is gained by wearing a gold helmet, a gold armor and a pair of gold boots. All have to be bought in the shops for black coins.

  • +32 Damage
  • +32 Critical


There are six different types of weapons in bit Dungeon, they are all melee. All weapons give additional damage and critical.

  • Daggers (1/3)
  • Swords (1/1)
  • Blades (1/2)
  • Spears (1/3)
  • Hammers (?/?)
  • Axes (3/1)

Monsters and Worlds

The game has 5 different worlds in the bit Dungeon, four of which are normal level and a fifth which is the Soul World where you are teleported when clicking the Soul Stone gained after the level 4 area boss.

Each monster has a different fighting style, read more about it on the monsters page.


  • Demon
  • Fetus
  • Demon Mystic
  • DemonKnight
  • Demiurge Head (Boss Head)
  • The Demiurge (Boss Body)


  • Thied
  • Wizzard
  • Knight
  • Archer
  • Cursed Wizard (Boss)


  • Eyetob
  • Snake
  • Ghost
  • Ground Tick
  • Fire Nob Glob (Boss)

Undead Castle

  • Zombie
  • Skell Knight
  • Skell Archer
  • Necro Mage
  • Ice King (Boss)

Soul Palace

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