It's been a long time since third gen came out, and we still haven't found Nobelium's first form. I've written this post to help us eliminate possible mothers for it until we've found what it is. Let's assume final form monsters. This gives us:

Pershire, Cylindare, Spirifly, Forodus, Arabat, Krakrow, Geparnic, Fertail, Alchemandr, Mumboom, Borbeque, Dummallow, Kiricock, Dragoonish, Banquefly, Owledge, Anastork, Mangrodon, Locrubat, Garmoth, Ferdule, Lumenore, Pharaohbrah, Stegaleon, Bichador, Jestray, Lancegar, Zwergnome, Haligarn, Poocheer, Pupom, Demonike, Mucinox, Batnana, Toadxin, Wallorus, Clubrute, Finotaur and Mermeruch.

I'm going to go ahead and eliminate the monsters which are already known mothers of another monster. Also Zwergnome and Jestray because they only exist as males. That leaves us:

Pershire, Forodus, Arabat, Krakrow, Geparnic, Fertail, Alchemandr, Mumboom, Borbeque, Dummallow, Kiricock, Dragoonish, Banquefly, Owledge, Mangrodon, Locrubat, Ferdule, Pharaohbrah, Bichador, Lancegar, Haligarn, Poocheer, Pupom, Demonike, Mucinox, Toadxin, Clubrute and Finotaur.

I'm going to present these monsters as a list so we can rule them out. Please weigh in and edit them, adding the number you have bred. It will probably take a while, but once we can rule a bunch of these out our job will be considerably easier. Remember, it only counts if you bred it as a final form. If the mother was an earlier form, don't count it towards your total breeds. Also, only monsters you've bred after the 3rd-gen update count. If in doubt, don't count it.

Pershire -2 breeds Sandb0xx, 7 breeds Selltheworld

Forodus - 4 breeds Old Bertie, 2 breeds Kevpar12

Arabat - 6 breeds Old Bertie, 4 breeds Kevpar12

Krakrow - 7 breeds Sandb0xx

Geparnic - 8 breeds Old Bertie

Fertail - 6 breeds Old Bertie, 35 breeds Sandb0xx

Alchemandr - 5 breeds Sandb0xx

Mumboom - 6 breeds Kevpar12, 5 breeds Selltheworld


Dummallow - 2 breeds Sandb0xx, 4 breeds Kevpar12

Kiricock - 7 breeds Old Bertie

Dragoonish - 4 breeds Sandb0xx

Banquefly - 2 breeds Sandb0xx

Owledge - 5 breeds Sanb0xx

Mangrodon - 3 breeds Sandb0xx


Ferdule - 10 breeds Selltheworld

Pharaohbrah - 3 breeds Sandb0xx

Bichador - 10 breeds Old Bertie


Haligarn - 11 breeds Old Bertie

Poocheer - 4 breeds Old Bertie


Demonike - 4 breeds Kevpar12



Clubrute - 2 breeds Sandb0xx, 2 breeds Selltheworld

Finotaur - 2 breeds Old Bertie

I've bred a lot of earlier forms as well, but I'm only going to add them if this avenue doesn't lead anywhere.

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