• Old Bertie2

    In search of Nobelium

    November 29, 2012 by Old Bertie2

    It's been a long time since third gen came out, and we still haven't found Nobelium's first form. I've written this post to help us eliminate possible mothers for it until we've found what it is. Let's assume final form monsters. This gives us:

    Pershire, Cylindare, Spirifly, Forodus, Arabat, Krakrow, Geparnic, Fertail, Alchemandr, Mumboom, Borbeque, Dummallow, Kiricock, Dragoonish, Banquefly, Owledge, Anastork, Mangrodon, Locrubat, Garmoth, Ferdule, Lumenore, Pharaohbrah, Stegaleon, Bichador, Jestray, Lancegar, Zwergnome, Haligarn, Poocheer, Pupom, Demonike, Mucinox, Batnana, Toadxin, Wallorus, Clubrute, Finotaur and Mermeruch.

    I'm going to go ahead and eliminate the monsters which are already known mothers of another monster. Also Zwergnome…

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  • Old Bertie2

    Guild Event

    October 5, 2012 by Old Bertie2

    Hey guys,

    So I figured most people are in the TouchArcade guild already and ready to earn their 800 coins when they sweep the rankings. However, this doesn't really help people who want the new moves to teach to their pokemon monsters. I'm looking for a few people to create a breakout guild with me that should easily make the top 100, but have few enough people (10 or less) that everyone gets all the moves at the end of the week. If you're interested, please comment on this post and we'll try to get something going.

    GUILD NAME = Wikimoves

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