The other day, I've done a local tournament quietly.

The small tournament of about eight participants.


Many monsters have personality stand out in its own way about a month since the birth of breeding.

However, a few animals in five animals too.

Players are tampered full members over three generations is small.




Often as Krakrow environment too.

If there is one turn compete advantageously with the Lightning in the stop or confused thinking, is likely to take the initiative is also under attack next turn.

I think there is also a game of luck to forcibly bring even a beginner, and was in all PT




There was one person spellcaster Lancegar. I asked if I should have been How to get it. As far as the configuration technique, I found somehow does seem ♂.

However, I do not say anything because there is a possibility of three-generation reproduction.



It was surprising that there were three Demonike use.

Monster almost never seen in random PvP.

Since it is a monster that can take the advantage in that it is read each other interpersonal

People would use to use. I also grow the way you are.





Wrappar guardian of the razzle-dazzle of as long as I aim one shot.

It is unlikely that the competition from the next-class-class I was brilliant.

Saddle trick trick was the barrel end configuration, in a measure it must.

Who would put a new guardian. Ferdule is good?





8 wins 0 losses Round 8(8戦8勝0敗)

November 1 (11月1日)

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