1. One always inherits
  2. Basic skills of inheritance may be only in the framework of basic skills. Father's race is limited to skills or skills that parents remember mother remember the original.
  3. When parents learn the same technique on another level, deviate from the candidate


♀Gerpanic swift Bleed surf confuse

Teslith smash block confuse surf

Gerpanic swift or smash, Bleed or Block ,surf ,confuse

Because one is always inherited

I can predict that it is lv5 block was left swift.

lv 32 lv18 is no variation by the rules

Guess of skill-based rules

If you inherit the status and skills skill cool down if necessary. Since it is difficult to level up.

Rule that either the base skill obtained by race of the mother and father possess skill base.

If the father is overwritten based on the four skills of the prize this skill.

I believe this is a workaround for the problem described above occurs.

I have not tried because they do not pick up the prize four skill still says.

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