For earning coins

Skills water, electricity and fire.Order to speed up the game without having to change out a starter.

Because SPD is fast. I used to speed up the game.There is no change skills.

No other particularly determined.
That's all it takes to earn coins briefly how do you end one per game.

If you got 2 coins over 1 min than getting 3 coins over a period of 10 minutes is good.
It is desirable to end the operation without thinking while watching cartoons and television.

For growing

  • Borbeque,Mumboom
Ability is excellent. I used to when you want to collect only the monster you want to raise the value of experience.

The fight ends with just a few turns to replace the monster if Lumenore become BURN. Level up easily at a low level.

  • Devimi(LV 26 HP106) Demonike*2(LV12 HP63,62)

Three animals that I took advantage of that described recently.

This DEVIMI impossible to withstand one shot of the Flame Spark Dragoonish of LV40.

I can give 106 damage to the opponent securely.
106 further damage continues to replace the two dogs and the remaining.

I have adapted to collect the experience you want to grow into a monster, so this also does not occur in the experience.

For PvP(Fruit I have not yet given skill was confirmed)

For the time to fight seriously with friends. I do not usually use because it takes a long time.

Cylindare or Spirifly
Ferdule or Mangrodon
Dragoonish or Owledge

Cylindare strong

But I Spirifly is annoying because I love visual

The guardian deity Wrappar

I think I have the ability and clubrute status and are better if you can overcome even the most attack skills.

Confidence in it took some time to make.

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