Third Eye local tournament.

As it turns out though I had won, I was not interesting at all. While we regret.



Why I was not interesting?

It's not anything strategic. Because I had turned into clicking just a game.



Locrubat cause you get the counter.


You can use the counter every turn thanks to the ability.

In fact, the physical attack force out completely.



How to defeat the counter is disabled by Forget.

In one attack next turn.

Disabled in the forbidden magic special attack.

If I rely on burning body Borbeque that there is a possibility to rest. (倒す方法がForget でカウンターを無効。次の1ターンで攻撃。スペシャル攻撃は禁じる魔法で無効。あとは可能性があるとすればBorbequeをバーニングボディ頼り。)

I heartily ashamed that you used the pattern game extremely upset the balance.

I will not use again.



Now I'm growing Toadxin

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