Hi everyone,

We are already more than one day into the guild event and I must say everyone is working hard to help their respective guilds win either the coins or the prize moves or perhaps both. Breeding results for new monsters this week were expected to fall but I must say im impressed that kevpar21 has offically managed to breed the first Spirifly . So kudos to him for that!

There has been many guilds emerging to compete but it seems like we have a few strong contenders. Some have banded together to win all out, others have created break-off guilds to possibly focus on only winning the prize moves. The original member list was compiled by Naterade009 in the TouchArcade forums but I am going to add onto this list as time goes by. If you have joined either guild and find that your name is not inside, you can either leave a comment here or through the TouchArcade forums to let me know. I will only be tracking those higher profile guilds at the moment unless I am notified by other guilds. Note that there might be many more annoymous members that I have obviously not included in this list.

Naterade009 aSCaio
Sampedas maw1990
DreamM0d3 Schijnhelige
Shaneth21 aangozai
Rebeliancr iEDgamer
xshazbot penkanuin
AeonZadak sandboxx
Leifboeg Gonzaka1

I have also chosen to include the pictures on some of the prize moves further down. Im so tempted to give my judgement on the moves but I guess im gonna reserve it since its pretty much still speculation until we have done some proper play-testing. However, if you feel the need to share your thoughts on the new moves, please feel free. Oh wait I think I have spent way too much time on this post, better get to work and start hatching away~

  • Berserker from 1st Guild Event
  • Forbid Magic from 1st Guild Event
  • Rain from 1st Guild Event
  • SpikeTrap from 1st Guild Event

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