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The chart shows how effective the different attacks are against the different monster types.

Example: Ground attacks deals no damage to a Fly monster.

Attacks effectiveness against monsters
Monster Type
Dark Electri Fire Fly Grass Ground Metal Normal Poison Water
Attack Dark Minus Minus Minus .png
Electri .png Minus .png Minus Minus .png .png
Fire Minus Minus .png .png Minus
Fly .png .png Minus Minus
Grass Minus .png Minus .png
Ground .png NoDamage Minus Minus .png
Metal Minus .png .png Minus Minus
Normal .png Minus .png Minus
Poison Minus .png .png Minus .png
Water .png .png Minus Minus Minus .png Minus .png Minus

.png = effective
Minus = not effective
NoDamage = deals no damage

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