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Tracker is the people who help you to track down monsters.

Tracker #1: Tommy

Char06 f
Level Monsters Time
Lv1-3 Dodeed Sealap Pyreft < 5 minutes
Dodeed Sealap Pyreft
Lv2-3 Dodeed < 8 minutes
Lv2-3 Sealap < 8 minutes
Lv2-3 Pyreft < 8 minutes
Lv3-8 Pyreft Sporoom < 10 minutes
Pyreft Sporoom
Lv8-18 Sporoom Thogowl < 15 minutes
Sporoom Thogowl
Lv15-28 Ferclaw Anastork < 30 minutes
Ferclaw Anastork
Lv22-32 Warmander Pignic < 45 minutes
Warmander Pignic
Lv38-48 Alchemandr Borbeque < 1:00 hour
Alchemandr Borbeque
Lv40-50 Mumboom Wallorus < 1:20 hours
Mumboom Wallorus
Lv48-50 Pershire Clubrute Batnana < 2:00 hours
Pershire Clubrute Batnana

Tracker #2

Char07 f
Level Monsters Time
Lv1-5 Sealap Tentric < 6 minutes
Sealap Tentric
Lv5-15 Tentric Worcel Fleap < 10 minutes
Tentric Worcel Fleap
Lv10-22 Ferclaw Dudear < 25 minutes
Ferclaw Dudear
Lv18-30 Flotaria Currat < 35 minutes
Flotaria Currat
Lv24-36 Coriceras Voltact Sharged < 50 minutes
Coriceras Voltact Sharged
Lv34-46 Lafalot Owledge < 1:20 hours
Lafalot Owledge
Lv44-50 Geparnic Jestray < 2:00 hours
Geparnic Jestray
Lv46-50 Stegaleon Krakrow Finotaur < 2:40 hours
Stegaleon Krakrow Finotaur

Tracker #3

Char03 f
Level Monsters Time
Lv1-10 Dodeed Worcel < 8 minutes
Dodeed Worcel
Lv6-12 Worcel Whiscat < 13 minutes
Worcel Whiscat
Lv12-20 Flotaria Cherrup < 30 minutes
Flotaria Cherrup
Lv16-28 Wrappar Pupom Warmander < 35 minutes
Wrappar Pupom Warmander
Lv28-38 Ferclaw Locrubat < 55 minutes
Ferclaw Locrubat
Lv32-40 Voltact Cushlow < 60 minutes
Voltact Cushlow
Lv36-50 Banquefly Zwergnome < 3:00 hours
Banquefly Zwergnome
Lv42-50 Ferdule Mangrodon < 2:30 hours
Ferdule Mangrodon
Lv46-50 Dummallow Kiricock Poocheer < 3:00 hours
Dummallow Kiricock Poocheer

Tracker #4: Samuel


Samuel is gained when you finish the level 50 challenge.

Level Monsters Time
Lv40-50 Garmoth Demonike Haligarn < 60 minutes
Garmoth Demonike Haligarn
Lv40-50 Ohmber Lancegar Pharaobrah < 60 minutes
Ohmber Lancegar Pharaobrah
Lv40-50 Mucinox Cylindare Forodus < 60 minutes
Mucinox Cylindare Forodus
Lv40-50 Dragoonish Lumenore Bichador < 60 minutes
Dragoonish Lumenore Bichador
Lv40-50 Nobelium Mermeruch Arabat < 60 minutes
Nobelium Mermeruch Arabat

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