Name Type Power Cooldown Category
Change Color Grass - 3 turns Status
Increase dodge chance by 1 level.
Eat Trash Grass - 5 turns Status
Consume the trashes around. Regenerate 4% HP each turn for the next 5 turns.
Hide Grass - 3 turn Status
Increase its dodge chance by 1 level while decrease its speed by 1 level at the same time.
Nature Power Grass - 5 turns Status
Increases GRASS attack damage by 50% for the next 3 turns. Removed if attacked by FIRE or POISON attack.
Slash Grass 75 - Physical Attack
Attack the target with sharp leaves. May lower target's accuracy.
Smash Grass 80 - Physical Attack
Smash the target with brutal force.
Spike Trap Grass - 5 turns Status
Create a trap on target's field. Opponent take GRASS physical damage when making a physical attack or swapping in for the next 5 turns.

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