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Type Fly
Ability Hyperactive
Evolves From Egg of Anastork
Evolves Into None


Anastork is a fly-type monster. It is gained by hatching an Egg of Anastork.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Receive less damage from: Dark Normal Water
Immune to: Ground
Receive more damage from: Electri Fly Grass

Fly attacks are:

  • effective against Fire Fly
  • not effective against Ground Grass

Normal attacks are:

  • effective against Grass Dark
  • not effective against Fly Metal

Water attacks are:

  • effective against Fire Poison Metal Electri
  • not effective against Normal Water Ground Fly Grass


Name Description
Hyperactive Immune to paralyze


This shows the skills that it learns naturally.

Lv Name Type Power Cooldown Category
1 Run Normal 75 - Physical Attack
Attack the target with increased accuracy.
5 Fake Normal - 2 turns Status
Create a fake image. The next attack will definitely miss.
18 Wing Attack Fly 70 - Special Attack
Attack the target with its wing. May lower the target's special defense by 1 level.
32 Surf Water 75 - Physical Attack
Attack the target while surfing on the water. Increase its speed level by 1 afterwards.

Possible Acquired Skills from breedingEdit

This shows some of the moves that can be learnt through breeding.

Lv Name Type Power Cooldown Category
1 Touch Electri 80 0 Special Attack
Attack the target with electricity.
5 Burst Fire 150 2 turns Special Attack

A strong fire attack that hurt itself too. 15% hp is lost for using this skill. (breeding with Pyreft)

- - - - - -
- - - - - -


  • Anastork is a first generation monster.

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